Child’s Destiny and Development Organization (CHIDDO) is a non-partisan and non-profitable child focused organization. It was founded on 25/11/2001 bearing the name; Child’s Destiny and Nurture Nature (CHIDANN) and had been changed to its current name; Child’s Destiny and Development Organization (CHIDDO).The primary aim was to address children’s social, economic, spiritual and psychological needs and challenges. CHIDDO was registered by the Ministry of Justice with Registration No: 2,382 and Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) under Registration No: 231.

Area of Operation

CHIDDO operates in Mayom County of Unity State, working closely with local communities and will extend its humanitarian services to other Counties of Unity Sate in near future plus other States in South Sudan. CHIDDO began its initial activities in 2003 among various South Sudanese denominations whereby a series of trainings had been run for children workers and Church leaders in Nairobi, Kampala & Bentiu respectively with four denominations such as Presbyterian, Catholic, Evangelical Covenant and Episcopal Churches. In Bentiu, it conducted a number of children activities e.g. the celebration of the Day of African Child (DAC) was initiated for the first time in collaboration with the State Ministry of Social Welfare & Development as well as State Ministry of Education in Unity.

Child's Destiny And Development Organization (CHIDDO)
Fulfilling Children's Needs Through Development